The indoor air that we breath can be more contaminated than the outside air. This is because of many factors such as:

Fuel-burning combustion appliances

Carbon dioxide from breathing and Carbon Monoxide from fuels, Tobacco products
Building materials and furnishings as diverse as:
      Deteriorated asbestos-containing insulation, tiles and other materials
      Newly installed flooring, upholstery or carpet
      Cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products
      Products for household cleaning and maintenance, personal care, or hobbies
Outdoor sources such as: Radon, Pesticides, and Outdoor air pollution.

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Volatile Organic Compounds. These outgas and become mixed with the air that you breath in. Know if there is a problem with these dangerous substances. 


This chemical is associated with a number of health problems. Feeling sick in a newer home? This could be a reason.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Properties

If purchasing a commercial property, banks as part of due diligence will often require a Phase 1 ESA to help determine if there is a contamination concern with the commercial property. This helps to protect financial interests.

We can conduct the Phase 1 site assessment and do site visits to take images of needed areas for Phase 1 ESA. 

We help with your due diligence to help determine if there are property concerns or mold issues with your building by doing a property condition assessment AKA commercial building inspection. 

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If purchasing a commercial building or property,  buying a home or already owning a home we can help with your due diligence to help determine if there are concerns with your potential or current home. We are typically contacted when a homeowner is experiencing concerns that have an unknown cause. 

Mold testing is the most common air testing that we do. We can sample the air and do swabs to have the lab analyze to determine the types of molds present and if the levels in the air are elevated.

We do not do remediation so you can be certain our testing is unbiased. We do testing after a company has completed remediation to verify the results of the remediation. Remediation companies do not always do the job right.


Molds are naturally everywhere. However, in large amounts they can be unhealthy. Learn if this is an issue where you live. 


Sewer Line

Damaged or blocked sewer lines and exterior drain lines can increase molds and bacteria in the home that can be unhealthy

Residential Indoor Air Quality and
Environmental Assessments, Phase 1 and pipe relining by
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