FAQ regarding pipe relining

Q  Will my yard need to be dug up? 

A  With us no. As long as the pipe is cleared from debris and anything blocking the pipe, we can reline it by going through the cleanout. 

Q Is this type of relining more expensive?

A Actually no. It does have a cost of course, however that cost is less than the typical digging / trenching and replacing. 

Q Does it take long?

A Not really. We prefer that the pipe be cleared of debris so we can get right in to relining that pipe. If the pipe is ready to be relined we can typically be done easily within 3 hours (depending upon how much pipe needs to be relined. Factor in that your yard will not be damaged and your yard will not need to be redone saving you time and money. 

Q Can you reline a pipe if it goes underneath a concrete slab such as a patio?

A Yes we can! When this is the situation, we are saving you more money because the need to dig and replace a patio slab is removed. We can reline your pipe that is under the patio or basement slab

 without the need for that slab to be torn and replaced.

Q I have a pipe where two sections are not aligned well. Can relining work for this?

A Maybe, we can reline a section of pipe that has what is know as an offset if the offset is not too much. The amount of offset that can be relined is 25%. This is equal to an inch offset for a 4 inch sewer pipe. This is actually a pretty sizable offset that we can help smooth out and greatly reduce any changes of clogs.

Q What about tree roots?

A We recommend that you have your line cleared off the roots by a drain cleaning company. Tell then we will be relining it and that we need to know the location of the roots (or we can be there to get the location). We can then reline that section after the line is cleared of roots. Our relining will prevent roots from becoming an issue again.

A sewer line issue is often an expensive repair to make. Not so much with us. As part of the Purple Powered Pipe People (P4) family of companies we are able to provide pipe relining services to save homeowners and home buyers thousands of dollars.

We can reline the pipe at approximately half the price of the typical dig and replace methods. 

Our focus is on relining the 4 inch waste pipe or the 4-6 inch drain lines often found as storm/gutter lines at multi-unit buildings or commercial buildings.

This improves offsets and repairs cracked and damaged sections. If we need the pipe cleaned prior to our relining such as descaling or clearing out the roots then we will likely have you as the company to clean it to prep it for relining.  Work for both companies!

Plumbers: Through all this we can help promote your business. We are interested in mainly only doing pipe relining. All other tasks remain yours as we have no interest in those. We also will refer tasks to you. 


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