Face it, a sewer line issues is a health concern for the inhabitants of the home. Odors and bacteria can really make the home unhealthy. 

A sewer line issue is often an expensive repair to make. Not so much with us. As part of the Purple Powered Pipe People (P4) family of companies we are able to provide pipe relining services to save homeowners and home buyers thousands of dollars.

We can reline the pipe at approximately half the price of the typical dig and replace methods. 

If you are experiencing an issue with your sewer lines contact us so we can discuss what we can do for you and in the process save you money and time. 

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home that has an issue we an help. We can typically reline a pipe without the need for costly digging and tearing up of patios and decks.  We can also get it done within short time frames to help get the deal done. If you already have a video of the sewer line issue send it to us for a free evaluation and estimate for our services. 

If you are a plumber we can help you increase your revenue.  We do this by giving bonuses to you for referrals that result in our doing work for a client. 

Our focus is on relining the 4 inch waste pipe. This improves offsets and repairs cracked and damaged sections. If we need the pipe cleaned prior to our relining such as descaling or clearing out the roots then we will likely have you as the company to clean it to prep it for relining.  Work for both companies!

Through all this we can help promote your business. We are interested in mainly only doing pipe relining. All other tasks remain yours as we have no interest in those. 


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